About Us

The Jankidevi college, established in 2013, is a unique endeavor by Ms.Chander Kanta Sharma to provide the most excellent education service to students. Nestled in the lap of nature, in the district of Bhosari (PCMC) on the Pune-Nashik road which connects to Pune City, popularly known as the Oxford of the east in terms of housing various educational institutions. the college provides an ideal atmosphere for learners to acquire and imbibe skills necessary for their physical, mental, social and intellectual development.

Our aim is to provide education that goes way beyond mere learning and reading textbooks. We focus on harnessing skills that will help the students to cope with the real world and embrace the uncertainty.

With over 2 acres of land concerning the campus, Janki Devi college boasts a state of the art campus facilities concerning open-air amphitheaters and gardens that are well maintained to help students think freely and creatively.

.We strongly believe that the world could be made a better place through education which focuses on ideas, concepts, and issues that transcend beyond disciplinary, cultural, national and geographical boundaries. To this effect, the college offers a variety of domains ranging from Arts, Commerce, Science, Hotel Management and job oriented training like Soft Skills with an aim to provide comprehensive educational opportunities necessary for preparing conscientious, responsible and dynamic future citizens.

Our Mission

Come as a Student, Become a Manager.

On behalf of the Janki Devi College of Hotel Management Faculty and the Board, I welcome you to Janki Devi. In the upcoming years, the hotel and tourism industry is estimated to maintain its position as the world’s largest employer of people and the largest provider of management positions. We are in a truly international industry, which calls for an international mix of managers, to shine back the international nature of our hotels. Janki Devi’s role is to prepare students for a management career in this, the most exciting industry today.

We take pride in our teaching faculty who are all highly qualified and are fully committed to our mission of preparing all students for management positions in the hotel and tourism industry, ranging from trainee managers to middle managers to senior managers.

Janki Devi College is supported by a worldwide support network of offices and international hotel companies. Our graduates can be found in leading hotel companies worldwide.

Welcome to the world of Hotel and Tourism Management, welcome to Janki Devi College Of Hotel Management.


To be The Premier Education Services Provider renowned for Hospitality, Soft Skills, Vocational training and other subjects like Arts, Commerce, and Science.