BSC in Hospitality & Tourism Studies


If you enjoy meeting new people, exploring new places and delivering professional customer service, this course will put you on the right career path.

This specialist degree in tourism and hospitality equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in order to pursue managerial roles in local and international organizations.

The program provides an understanding of the history and development of the industry, both globally and in India. It reflects international standards and a global outlook while remaining connected to the Indian context through localized content and practical experience.

You will develop sophisticated analytical skills to help you define, identify and evaluate issues regarding the tourism and hospitality industry in the present and into the future. One of the major issues studied is the environmental impact of tourism.

Janki Devi College’s tourism and hospitality management graduates are work-ready and have skills that are highly sought after both locally and globally. In addition to accommodation management (hotels, resorts, hostels), you can establish your career in a variety of areas, including:

  • accommodation management (hotels, resorts, hostels)
  • events, weddings and banquet management
  • food and beverage
  • guest relations and communications
  • marketing and sales
  • operations management/planning
  • recreation and sports
  • special interest in tourism
  • tour and travel agencies
  • tourism planning and promotion